Certified Home Inspections | Mold Testing

Air Quality Testing

Ensure that the air in your home or business is free of harmful contaminants
Two separate air samples to determine if mold spores exist or not
Reliable and accurate results from a state-of-the art labatory

Mold Testing & Air Quality Testing

We have been a proud provided of mold testing and indoor air quality testing for over 10 years. We aim to provide you with reliable and accurate results. You can be rest assured that we will detect if mold is present, and identify the source. Our goal is to leave you with a safe and mold free environment.


Residential & Commercial Testing

We offer both residential and commercial indoor air quality testing and mold testing services.

All of our mold tests include a full visual inspection of the property, two air samples and surface sampling. The samples are then sent to an AIHA Accredited laboratory for testing. We go the extra step to identify potential red flag areas where there is excess moisture, an ideal condition for mold growth. Customer service is not only our priority, but our passion.

A & G Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing Services

Thermal Imaging Technology

Utilizing thermal imagning technology we are able to see beneith the surface, picking up on mold not visible to the naked eye. You can rest assure that if mold is present, we will find it.